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Justice Denied! Appeals Court Orders Oregon Bakers to Pay Crippling Penalty

Court rules against Aaron and Melissa Klein, the Oregon bakers who lost their family business for not making same-sex wedding cake. January 5, 2018

Yet again, has government overreach completely spoiled the joy and expectation of good things to come in the New Year? First Liberty clients Aaron and Melissa Klein are left wondering whether 2018 will be the year when justice is finally served. Last week, the Oregon Court of Appeals issued a

TOP 4: Threats to Your Religious Liberty in 2018

Courtroom attacks in these four areas threaten your religious freedom this upcoming year. December 28, 2017

As 2017 closes, America finds itself at a tipping point, with the stakes for religious freedom at an all-time high. Not only will the results affect the religious rights of millions of citizens in the present era, they are likely to have a long and lasting impact on the religious

CHRISTMAS STALKINGS: Defending Religious Liberty from Holiday Attacks

As Christmas approaches, First Liberty is ready to respond to opponents’ attempts to put a muzzle on religious expression. December 22, 2017

Will Americans be strong-armed into taking down their lights and nativity scenes early this year? Imagine a holiday season without the golden glimmer of decorative wreaths, the aroma of fresh-cut pine trees, or the sweet melodies of children caroling. Is it possible that anti-religion groups could soon target these joyful

VICTORY! Grandfather Can Read Bible Aloud in Public

Tennessee town reverses course after prohibiting Paul Johnson from peaceably reading Bible aloud in public during a town festival. December 22, 2017

The City of Sweetwater, Tennessee will let Paul Johnson freely express his faith—no permit required. Johnson is a Tennessee grandfather who enjoys sharing his faith. Earlier this year, city police threatened him with arrest if he did not stop reading his Bible aloud in public without a permit during a

CONFIRMED! First Liberty Volunteer Attorney Appointed as Federal Appeals Judge

As 2017 closes, the U.S. Senate breaks an all-time record by confirming religious liberty champion Jim Ho to a seat on the federal judiciary December 16, 2017

First Liberty Institute is proud to announce that James C. Ho, one of its top former volunteer attorneys, has been confirmed to one of the nation’s highest judicial positions. On Thursday, the United States Senate voted and confirmed Ho to the U.S. Court of Appeals to the Fifth Circuit. Ho

Top 10 Religious Freedom Victories of 2017

As 2017 draws to a close, First Liberty reviews the cases and victories that fundamentally impacted your religious liberty December 16, 2017

Americans have a reason to be hopeful and expectant as 2018 approaches. Over the past year, First Liberty has been on the front lines, making significant strides in the fight to protect religious freedom. In 2017, First Liberty’s victories inside – and outside – the courtroom impacted the lives of