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With Col. Madrid Case, the Battle Continues for Military Religious Freedom

Defending military religious freedom is now more important than ever. March 31, 2017

Wednesday, when First Liberty stood before the media and announced their defense of Col. Michael A. Madrid, it was the latest step in a turnaround that began in 2012. Four years ago, many Americans observed the state of religious freedom in the military and considered it all but gone. And

NOT AGAIN: Air Force Colonel Falsely Accused, Punished Over Christian Faith

First Liberty is defending Col. Michael A. Madrid, who is being falsely accused and threatened with demotion and the loss of substantial retirement benefits because of his faith. This type of religious intolerance and discrimination against a decorated officer is inexcusable. March 31, 2017

  An Air Force Colonel is under fire for his Christian faith. First Liberty Institute is defending Colonel Michael A. Madrid, who was falsely accused of anti-gay discrimination and faces the potential loss of his career and substantial retirement benefits over misrepresentations of his faith. Even though Col. Madrid had

Government Tries to Redefine First Amendment in Major Federal Prayer Case

Attorneys with First Liberty Argue in Court for Woman Ordered Not to Pray in Her Home March 25, 2017

Oral arguments took place March 21 in the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit on behalf of First Liberty client Mary Anne Sause of Louisburg, Kansas. Ms. Sause was ordered by police to stop praying in her own home. Her lawsuit was rejected by a federal district

Who Rules America?

Over two centuries since the Constitution provided for a federal court system, the central question of “Who rules?” is still a struggle. March 25, 2017

For four days this week, the Senate Judiciary Committee gathered together in the Hart Office Building in Washington DC to voice discussion and pose questions to Supreme Court Justice nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch. Filling the seat of the late Justice Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court was a huge motivating

FAKE TOLERANCE: How It is Stealing Religious Liberty (and What You Can Do to Stop It)

You have met this movement before, and it is affecting your life. But you might not have thought of it quite this way. March 17, 2017

Commentary by Christopher Corbett To glimpse the ongoing theft of your religious liberty, observe these recent developments: A respected Harvard Law professor declares that the culture war against traditional religious Americans is over, and the defeated traditionalists should be shown no mercy. He cites the Allies’ treatment of the Nazis

Freedom From Religion Foundation Attacks Prayer by Military Chaplains. First Liberty Responds.

Wisconsin anti-religious freedom organization demands that New Hampshire Air National Guard base forbid invocations by chaplains at military events. March 17, 2017

On Tuesday, First Liberty Institute sent a letter to the commander of New Hampshire’s Pease Air National Guard Base, advising him that federal law, military regulations, and the Constitution all allow prayer and Bible readings by chaplains at military events. First Liberty’s letter—signed by Senior Counsel Mike Berry, Director of