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Military Accuses Airman of Lying

September 12, 2013

IN THE MILITARY After filing a religious discrimination complaint against his commanding officer, Senior Master Sergeant (SMSgt) Phillip Monk is now facing intimidation and retaliation from the military. During a meeting earlier this month, Air Force investigators abruptly read Monk his Miranda rights—usually standard during criminal arrests—accusing the 19-year Air

Airman Files Complaint Against Military

August 22, 2013

IN THE MILITARY This week, First Liberty Institute filed a formal complaint with the military on behalf of our client, Senior Master Sergeant Phillip Monk, a 19-year veteran of the Air Force who was punished for his faith. The complaint letter, addressed to Monk’s commander, Major Elisa Valenzuela, was announced

Liberty Represents U.S. Airman Punished for His Faith

August 15, 2013

IN THE MILITARYThe shocking stories of religious hostility in our nation’s military continue, and now, Liberty Institute represents Senior Master Sergeant Phillip Monk, a 19-year veteran of the U.S. Air Force who was relieved of his duties because of his faith and moral convictions. Senior Master Sergeant Monk, who served

Liberty Institute Readies for Increased Assaults From FFRF

March 13, 2013

IN THE PUBLIC ARENA The Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) has proven it will stop at nothing to completely eliminate religion from public view, going after school districts, churches, Christmas displays, and now even our own currency. In a recent press release, FFRF announced that it, along with 19

The Boy Scout Decision…A Threat to Religious Liberty?

February 6, 2013

IN THE PUBLIC ARENA Breaking News: As this story was going to publication, it was learned that the Boy Scouts of America will wait until May to make a decision on the proposed change to its policy regarding homosexuality.  Last Friday, First Liberty Institute and two other religious freedom organizations

The Boy Scouts: A Threat to Religious Liberty?

February 1, 2013

IN THE PUBLIC ARENA Attn:Mr. Wayne BrockChief Scout Executive Mr. Wayne PerryPresident Mr. Tico PerezNational Commissioner Mr. Richard MathewsGeneral Counsel Gentlemen: We write to bring to your attention serious issues regarding the Boy Scouts of America’s proposed policy change on openly-gay scouts and scout leaders. As several of the nation’s