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OPINION | US courts: Can’t pray at work, can’t pray at home

The Hill
September 1, 2017 • In the News

Earlier this week, the federal court of appeals in San Francisco announced that a school district in Washington State could fire high school football coach Joseph Kennedy for nothing more than praying by himself after each game.

Stop freaking out over Ten Commandments displays on government property

Washington Examiner
July 10, 2017 • In the News

Just a couple weeks ago, after an intense, lengthy public fight, a monument of the Ten Commandments was finally installed on the grounds of the Arkansas State Capitol.

$25,000 Donated Toward Rebuilding Arkansas’ 10 Commandments Monument

The Daily Caller
July 7, 2017 • In the News

Film executives donated $25,000 Thursday to rebuild and reinstall the 10 Commandments monument on the grounds of Arkansas’ state capitol.

Fifth Circuit preserves Ted Kennedy’s legacy on religious freedom

The Clarion-Ledger
June 29, 2017 • In the News

The recent ruling by the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit on Mississippi House Bill 1523, the “Protecting Freedom of Conscience from Religious Discrimination Act” is the latest, but not likely the last, word in an ongoing American conversation on religious liberty.

‘I Was Told I Can’t…Pray Tonight’: High School Grad Fights Back After School Forces Her to Ax Prayer From Commencement Speech

By Billy Hallowell - Faithwire
June 19, 2017 • In the News

Jeremy Dys, First Liberty Deputy General Counsel: “School districts need to remember that students retain their religious liberty as they walk through the schoolhouse gates and all the way through the graduation ceremony.” A conservative legal firm is accusing a Pennsylvania school district of “forcing a student to alter her

Grad’s Commencement Speech Censored Over Prayer

KDKA CBS Pittsburgh
June 13, 2017 • In the News

Controversy is brewing over the remarks a recent graduate of Beaver High School planned to deliver to her classmates at their commencement ceremony.