Religious Liberty Law Firm: Chaplain Prayers Are Allowed on Military Base

After a special interest group demanded chaplains stop offering prayers on military base, First Liberty advises Air Force that the law allows chaplains to pray
March 14, 2017 •

Portsmouth, NH – Today, First Liberty Institute sent a letter to the commander of a New Hampshire Air Force base, advising him that federal law, military regulations, and the Constitution all allow prayer and Bible readings by chaplains at military events. On February 6, a special interest group sent a

The Forgotten Triangle of Freedom?

Our system of government was supposed to be more than just laws. The character of its people plays a role that is impossible to ignore.
March 10, 2017 •

If you were asked what the most important moment in American history was, what do you think you would say? The Battle of Yorktown? The end of World War II? There is a moment in our history that is largely overlooked by history teachers today: At the end of the

Threat to Religious Schools Partially Lifted by Trump Executive Order and Supreme Court Action

Obama-era transgender mandate had threatened to spill over to religious schools. First Liberty stood for religious freedom in a U.S. Supreme Court case, now vacated.
March 10, 2017 •

On February 22, the Trump administration issued an Executive Order that, for now, gives needed breathing room for religious institutions regarding fidelity to their beliefs about gender and the use of sex-specific facilities for males and females – showers, locker rooms, dormitories, and bathrooms. The Executive Order triggered action by

5 “Must-Know” Facts About the Klein Case

Aaron and Melissa Klein — the couple punished for running their family bakery according to their Christian faith —appeared before the Oregon Court of Appeals this week. Here are five important facts about their case that you may not know.
March 3, 2017 •

First Liberty clients Aaron and Melissa Klein went before the Oregon Court of Appeals for oral arguments on Thursday, March 2. Former owners of a family bakery, “Sweet Cakes by Melissa,” the couple was penalized by the Oregon government when they declined to create a custom cake for a same-sex

The Bakery, the Pacifist, and the Movie Director

Mel Gibson’s film “Hacksaw Ridge” provides a timely reminder of the principle of conscientious objection—a principle that could provide the blueprint for protecting freedom of conscience in today’s America.
March 3, 2017 •

You might be surprised, but director Mel Gibson, pacifist World War II hero Desmond Doss, and former bakery owners Aaron and Melissa Klein all have something in common. What is it? The common denominator is that they have all—in some form—brought attention to the principle of religious conscientious objection to

Bakers Who Lost Their Bakery For Not Making Same-Sex Wedding Cake Have Day in Court

Aaron and Melissa Klein, former owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa, appear at hearing before Oregon Court of Appeals
March 2, 2017 •

Salem, Ore. – Today, the Oregon Court of Appeals heard the case of Aaron and Melissa Klein, a couple who lost their bakery for running their business according to their religious beliefs. During the oral arguments, the Kleins’ attorneys argued that the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) violated