Tennessee City Prohibits Grandfather from Reading Bible Aloud in Public

First Liberty and the Center for Religious Expression send demand letter seeking change to unconstitutional city ordinance
November 16, 2017 • News & Commentary

Paul Johnson, a Tennessee grandfather who enjoys sharing his faith, was peaceably reading his Bible out loud on a public sidewalk during a town festival. As he read, he was confronted by multiple police officers, threatened with arrest, and told he needed a permit to read the Bible out loud

VICTORY: Maine School District Acknowledges Right of Employee to Say, “I Will Pray for You”

Augusta School Department recognizes the First Amendment right of Toni Richardson, previously threatened with termination for offering to pray for a colleague.
November 16, 2017 • News & Commentary

Last week,  the Augusta, Maine School Department acknowledged Toni Richardson’s First Amendment right to privately discuss faith in conversations with coworkers. This acknowledgment came in an updated memorandum. Richardson, a First Liberty Institute client and special education employee, had been reprimanded for telling a coworker—who at the time attended the

First Liberty Press Kit

November 15, 2017 • Press Kits

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Attack on Bible Curriculum Thrown Out of Court

First Liberty Institute attorneys say school district committed to following the law
November 14, 2017 • Press Releases

PRINCETON, WV—Today, a federal district court dismissed a challenge to the Bible curriculum offered in Mercer County Schools. First Liberty Institute, the law firm of O’Melveny & Myers LLP, and Brewster, Morhous, Cameron, Caruth, Moore, Kersey & Stafford, PLLC, represent Mercer County Schools. The following may be attributed to Hiram

Grandfather Prohibited from Reading the Bible Out Loud on a Public Sidewalk

First Liberty attorneys say city law enforced against client is unconstitutional
November 14, 2017 • Press Releases

    SWEETWATER, Tenn.—Today, First Liberty and the Center for Religious Expression (CRE) sent a demand letter to the City of Sweetwater, Tennessee on behalf of their client, Paul Johnson. The letter asks the city to stop using a twenty-five-year-old city ordinance to prohibit Johnson from reading the Bible on

Victory for Special Education Employee Reprimanded for Telling Coworker, “I will pray for you”

School district acknowledges First Amendment rights of its employees
November 10, 2017 • Press Releases

Today, the Augusta School Department sent First Liberty client Toni Richardson an updated memorandum acknowledging Richardson’s protected First Amendment right to privately discuss religion among her co-workers.