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FIGHT FOR FAITH INTENSIFIES: First Liberty Institute Requests Immediate Remedy for Chaplain Wes Modder

March 12, 2015

…role of serving sailors and Marines who need his spiritual guidance. FOX News contributor Todd Starnes broke the story on FoxNews.com ( click here to read more ), and in…

Marine Discharged Over Bible Verses Petitions Supreme Court

December 27, 2016

A Marine lance corporal who was given a bad conduct discharge in 2014 for offenses including refusal to remove printed Bible passages from her work station is now…

High School Football Coaches to Court: If We Have the Right to Kneel to Protest InJustice, Coach Kennedy Has the Right to Kneel in Prayer

November 8, 2016

…legal documents at CoachKennedyFacts.com About First Liberty Institute First Liberty Institute is the largest legal organization in the nation dedicated exclusively to defending religious freedom for all Americans. To arrange…

Military Court to Hear Historic Religious Freedom Case

April 25, 2016

…be protected by the law as they serve in the Armed Forces.” Background: SterlingFacts.com. Many national leaders filed briefs in support of LCPl Sterling, including 9 retired military generals, 43…

Members of Congress, Retired Military Generals and Others Ask Supreme Court to Take Sterling Case

February 14, 2017

…historic religious freedom case.” Read more at SterlingFacts.com View the Supreme Court page on Sterling v. United States # # # About First Liberty Institute First Liberty Institute is the…

Georgia pays $225,000 to settle lawsuit alleging religious discrimination

February 9, 2017

State officials have confirmed that they have settled for $225,000 a lawsuit filed by a hiring prospect who alleged a job offer was withdrawn after videos of his…