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Congressman Forbes’ Defends Coach Kennedy on House Floor

November 4, 2015

“As a member of congress, my faith is not some kind of coat that I take off when I walk into the capitol building to perform my legislative…

Congressman Walberg Stands with Coach Kennedy on House Floor

November 4, 2015

“Can you believe that the school district is trying to argue that you can pray just as long as no one can see it? But that’s not what…

BREAKING: First Liberty Appeals Historic “Bible Verse Case” Case to Supreme Court

December 23, 2016

…decides to hear this case. Multiple millions of lives will be affected.”   To read more about LCpl Sterling’s case and stay up-to-date on the legal proceedings, visit SterlingFacts.com….

An Alarming New Era for Religious Liberty in America

September 24, 2015

…they can stand up for their rights in schools, churches, the military and the public arena. View the kits here: religiouslibertyprotection.com. Although I am excited to support people of all…

Supreme Court Declines to Review Case of Marine Court- Martialed Over Bible Verse

June 5, 2017

…other service members. Read more about the case at SterlingFacts.com. # # # About First Liberty Institute First Liberty Institute is the largest legal organization in the nation dedicated exclusively…

GAME ON: Liberty Institute and Craig James Sue Fox Sports for Unlawful Religious Discrimination in the Workplace

August 7, 2015

…Breitbart.com in an exclusive interview on Monday. WAS IT SOMETHING I SAID? The SMU college football star and former Patriots running back was hired by Fox Sports as a college…