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Will Mississippi ruling against religion law deter Texas Republicans?

July 1, 2016

…refuse to serve same-sex couples and transgender people based on religious beliefs — a ruling that comes six months before conservative Republicans plan to push similar bills in Texas….

Marine Court-Martialed for Displaying Bible Verse will go Before Military’s Highest Court

November 5, 2015

…oral arguments in Sterling’s case in the spring of 2016. FOR MORE    Read more about LCpl Sterling’s case at sterlingfacts.com .   Read about the religious liberty rights of…

“Devastated”: School Stubbornly Suspends Coach Joe Kennedy After Denying Request for Religious Accommodation

October 29, 2015

…on Good Morning America, Fox and Friends, Fox News with Shannon Bream, America’s News HQ, and CBN. Kennedy’s story has also been featured on CNN.com, USA Today, The Seattle Times,…

Supreme Court Declines to Review Case of Marine Court- Martialed Over Bible Verse

June 5, 2017

…other service members. Read more about the case at SterlingFacts.com. # # # About First Liberty Institute First Liberty Institute is the largest legal organization in the nation dedicated exclusively…

Air Force Colonel Punished for his Religious Beliefs Fights Back

March 29, 2017

…Force to take immediate action to hold Major General McCoy accountable and to provide justice and due process for Colonel Madrid.” Read more about Madrid’s case at MadridCaseFacts.com # #…

Gig Harbor Nativity Issue Attracts Religious Liberty Group

January 18, 2017

The First Liberty Institute has sent a letter to city officials offering legal advice about religious displays in city parks….