Pilgrims painting

Pilgrims, Patrick Henry…and You

Today we walk in the footsteps of pilgrims and patriots from the past—and in the presence of heroes in the here-and-now. And this Thanksgiving weekend, you might be one of those heroes. Read why. November 20, 2017

“Give me liberty or give me death!” was the challenge issued by founder Patrick Henry to his fellow Virginians at the dawn of the American Revolution. But in that phrase he spoke for Americans of all eras and all regions—from the Pilgrims of 1620’s New England to our day, in

What the History Books Overlook About America’s Founding

Our system of government was supposed to be more than just laws. The character of its people plays a role that is impossible to ignore. August 5, 2016

By: Christine Roe If you were asked to name the most important moment in American history, what would you say? The Battle of Yorktown? The end of World War II? There is one of these important moments in our history that is largely overlooked by history teachers today. At the

CELEBRATION AND REFLECTION: Thomas Jefferson’s Wisdom Proves Accurate on National Religious Freedom Day, 239 years later

January 14, 2016

Tomorrow will mark the 23rd National Religious Freedom Day in America. Recognized by Presidential Proclamations since 1993, Religious Freedom Day commemorates the adoption of the 1786 Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom by the Virginia General Assembly. Originally drafted in 1777 by Thomas Jefferson, the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom was