Right to Pray Denied

Court rules that government officials were shielded from legal liability even assuming they violated a retired Catholic nurse’s First Amendment right to pray. July 1, 2017

The right to pray in one’s own home without retaliation or government harassment is a fundamental aspect of religious freedom. Mary Anne Sause — a retired Catholic nurse on disability — went to court to vindicate this right. In 2013, Sause was ordered to “stop praying” in her own apartment

Government: First Amendment Only Protects Right to Choose Religion, Is Not an ‘Absolute’ Right

First Liberty is fighting for Mary Ann Sause’s right to pray in her own home — and for Americans’ religious liberty everywhere. December 15, 2016

Does the First Amendment protect merely your right to choose your religion, and nothing more? That’s what some government officials are claiming in the case Sause v. Bauer, in which First Liberty Institute is representing Mary Ann Sause and her right to pray in her home. First Liberty filed a

“MERRY CHRISTMAS!” Religious Freedom Restored to VA Hospitals After Years of Pressure

First Liberty celebrates “180-degree turnaround” after legal battles with VA and military December 15, 2016

Christmas celebrations for hospitalized veterans will be a little merrier this year—because “Christmas” is now allowed. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has issued new guidelines in a recent memo regarding religious expression at its facilities across the nation. The new policy permits religiously-themed cards and gifts, Christmas carols,

First Liberty on Offense: Florida Christian School Sues Gov’t Organization Over Prayer Ban

The Florida High School Athletic Association told two private Christian schools they couldn’t pray over the loudspeaker before the football state championship game. First Liberty is fighting back. September 30, 2016

Private organizations and individuals have a right to pray on public property. That’s what First Liberty is contending in a lawsuit on behalf of Cambridge Christian School (CCS) of Tampa, Florida. Filed Tuesday, the lawsuit challenges a ban that prevented CCS and its opponent from opening their state football championship