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First Liberty Institute
Military Religious Freedom
is Under Heavy Attack

Join the national effort today and help us raise $500,000. You can help stop disgraceful violations of servicemembers’ rights

Rogue deep-state officials inside the military and anti-faith groups like the deceptively-named “Military Religious Freedom Foundation,” are launching wave after wave of attacks on America’s brave heroes. And they won’t stop unless we stop them.

Veterans and servicemembers urgently need YOUR support to help put a stop to the barrage of violations against their religious liberty.

Today, you can join First Liberty Institute as we spearhead a national petition drive urging President Trump to issue an Executive Order to protect religious freedom in the military.

A new executive order will send a powerful message to Pentagon officials that religious freedom for our service members is more than a slogan – it’s the law and a priority.

By giving today, you will add your name to this critical petition effort. or you can sign the petition without making a donation here.

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Thank you for making a donation and for joining the national petition drive.

With attacks on the religious liberty of our military service members and veterans now reaching an unprecedented level of intensity, your support is more crucial—and more appreciated—than ever.

Thanks to your generous donations, no other firm in the country is better equipped to provide elite legal representation to America’s military heroes who find themselves caught in the web of those who want to take away their first freedom.

Read Mike Berry’s article Why President Trump Must Issue an Executive Order to Protect Religious Freedom in America’s Military to learn more about the importance of this executive order.

And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube for the most updated news and information on the state of religious freedom on our military.

Again, thank you for your donation and your steadfast commitment to give back to those who have sacrificed so much for us.