At White House, First Liberty Attorneys Urge End to Notorious “HHS Mandate”

First Liberty attorneys ask executive branch agency to protect religious beliefs and moral convictions for all. July 28, 2017

On Monday, three First Liberty Institute attorneys met at the White House complex with officials from federal executive agencies—including the Office of Management and Budget, Department of Labor, and Health and Human Services—to urge the administration to give First Liberty clients relief from the notorious “HHS contraceptive mandate. This Obamacare

Federal Court Rules in Favor of Religious Liberty, Challenges Abortion Pill Mandate

September 24, 2015

The United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit shook things up last Thursday, proving that the battle against the HHS Abortion Pill Mandate is far from over. Unlike other federal appellate courts, the Eighth Circuit rejected the government’s arguments and held that faith-based non-profit ministries cannot be forced