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America has reached a tipping point. With the rapid increase of religious hostility making headlines all across our country, First Liberty provides timely tools and information to help YOU take action in helping us to protect and defend religious liberty for people of all faiths.

Your involvement is vital to making a lasting impact for our first freedom. Get started today by subscribing to our exclusive, uncensored eNewsletter, or by learning more through our various case and educational resources.

First Liberty’s comprehensive resources include: free protection kits (for schools, houses of worship, the military and the public arena), free ebooks, white papers, legal manuals and more. Each are effective, easy-to-understand tools to you better understand your First Amendment Rights…and stay prepared to defend them.

Please, take advantage of these special resources – and consider making a donation to First Liberty – to become a true defender of freedom.

Join us…and together we’ll be first in the fight!

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