Religious Liberty for Churches, Ministries, and Religious Organizations

First Liberty represents religious organizations of all faiths, including churches, synagogues, temples, and other religious institutions. At First Liberty, we equip these organizations with the resources and information they need to protect their rights, and are committed restoring those rights when they are violated.

Churches, ministries, and religious organizations are often the targets of hostile attacks. In recent years, government officials have increasingly engaged in unconstitutional actions, imposing and dictating where religious organizations can minister and even what they can do in their services. Government agencies have also discriminated against churches through restrictive zoning laws, refusing to grant land-use permits, or withholding public assistance based on regulations that ban religious organizations.

According to the First Amendment, case precedent, and federal and state laws, churches have the right to:

  • Preach and teach their faith
  • Serve the community free from discrimination
  • Meet and assemble without government restrictions or harassment
  • Operate and govern internal affairs according to religious beliefs
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