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The Daily Signal

2 Federal Courts, 1 Constitutional Right

June 30, 2020 • In the News

Two federal appeals courts last week issued decisions on challenges to coronavirus-related executive orders by the governors of Illinois and Louisiana.
In each case, churches and religious organizations challenged a governor’s restrictions on meeting in person at houses of worship while allowing other group activities to proceed, saying those orders violated the First Amendment. 


Let Flag Day Remind Us All of America’s Promise

June 19, 2020 • In the News

This year maybe more than any in recent memory, Americans need a source of unity more durable than any source of contention. Let it be our flag.


Have We Earned our Freedom?

June 15, 2020 • In the News

“James, earn this…earn it.” The final words spoken by Captain John Miller, portrayed by Tom Hanks in Steven Spielberg’s WWII epic Saving Private Ryan, are an exhortation to the film’s eponymous character to live a life worthy of the sacrifice made to save it.


Open Our Churches Now

June 15, 2020 • In the News

As America struggles to reopen following the COVID-19 pandemic, some have openly suggested that, even though millions of Americans are returning to a variety of social settings—like retail businesses, laundromats and even cannabis dispensaries—attending church in-person is still too dangerous to be allowed.

The Federalist Society

A Fulfillment of Judicial Prophesy: The Clash Between Religious Liberty and Nondiscrimination Law Reaches the Supreme Court

June 11, 2020 • In the News

Catholic Social Services (CSS) of Philadelphia has offered services to needy children and families since 1797. The services offered are among those essential to life in a bustling city, including connecting children to loving foster homes.


NPR Lays Bare Anti-Religious Bias in ‘Risks of 14 Summer Activities’

June 8, 2020 • In the News

A panel of experts for the taxpayer-subsidized National Public Radio (NPR) recently rated “The Risks of 14 Summer Activities” they say Americans face due to COVID-19. While evaluating everything from a “BYOB backyard gathering with one other household” to “using a public restroom,” NPR advances an anti-religious trope that was put to rest recently by a panel of federal judges.  

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