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Eric Metaxas Show

Kelly Shackelford on the Eric Metaxas Show

May 28, 2020 • In the News

FLI President & CEO Kelly Shackelford will be joining Eric Metaxas on the The Eric Metaxas Radio Show. You can access it beginning at 1 p.m. CST/2 p.m. EST.

Relief Funds Should Benefit Clergy, Too

April 27, 2020 • In the News

By Mike Berry, General Council The Coronavirus pandemic of 2020 caught most of us unprepared. Among its many surprises was the rare bipartisan nature of the recovery and stimulus package known as the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. But what was not surprising was how quickly those […]

America Needs Faith-Based Organizations to Help and Inspire Us

April 9, 2020 • In the News

By Lathan Watts, Director of Public Affairs “May you live in interesting times” is a well-known phrase in the West that is purportedly one of a trilogy of Chinese curses. Its counterparts are “May you come to the attention of those in authority,” and “May the gods give you everything […]

The Federalist Society

Religious Freedom and the CARES Act

April 6, 2020 • In the News

By Justin Butterfield, Deputy General Counsel The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, or CARES Act[1] as it’s popularly called, promises to provide assistance to organizations struggling with the economic consequences of the novel Coronavirus. Many of those organizations that the CARES Act promises to help are struggling religious non-profit organizations, including houses […]


Freedom of Religion Applies to All Americans, Including Our Students

March 31, 2020 • In the News

By Jeremy Dys, Special Counsel for Litigation and CommunicationsStudents in Lewis County, West Virginia, returned from Christmas break this year to a disappointing surprise. The students, part of Youth Alive, a Christian Club at their high school, took advantage of a resource available to all student clubs: a bulletin board […]

Church and State can Work Together to Ease Coronavirus Tensions

March 29, 2020 • In the News

by Jeremy Dys, Special Counsel for Litigation and Communications A global pandemic has gripped the nation’s attention and rightly so. In response, some state officials are imposing restrictions upon the gathering of large numbers of people in one place at a time. While the NCAA, professional sports leagues, and others […]

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