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New Life in Christ Church

January 18, 2022

Virginia city denies tax exemption to church.

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Coach Kennedy’s Case

Coach Kennedy

January 14, 2022

School district fires football Coach Joe Kennedy over prayer

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Holy Water Case | First Liberty

The Church Water Tax Case

December 16, 2021

First Liberty Institute is representing three churches in a lawsuit against their city for implementing discriminatory water fees.

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Shields of Strength | First Liberty

Shields of Strength

December 15, 2021

First Liberty is protecting Kenny and Tammie Vaughan from an anti-religion group efforts to twist the law in a cruel attempt to deprive service members from wearing Shields of Strength, inspirational dog tags.

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First Liberty | Maine School Choice

Maine School Choice

December 1, 2021

First Liberty partners with the Institute for Justice to end religious discrimination and vindicate parental liberty.

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City Walk

City Walk

November 19, 2021

Florida homeless shelter denied permit by city officials.

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