The History Lesson Too Good to Miss

The True Story of the Danbury Letter on the Separation of Church and State


Most people think the “wall of separation between Church & State” is in the Constitution. But it’s not. It’s from a simple letter written by Thomas Jefferson to a group of worshipers in Danbury, Connecticut.

It’s a letter that’s been read—and misread—since 1802.

That’s why First Liberty Institute has produced “No Better Letter,” the all new animated video that tells the story of this historic letter, and how it enshrined religious liberty for all Americans.

Jefferson understood that the right to worship as we choose doesn’t come from the government, so the government has no right to interfere. Religious freedom comes directly from God, so it’s a right that will always be well worth protecting—which aligns perfectly with the mission of First Liberty.

“No Better Letter” is an inspiring story you’ll want to watch and share with people of all ages.

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