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First In The Fight for Religious Freedom in America

Our Leadership Team:

First In The Fight for Religious Freedom in America

Our Institute, Foundations & Legacy Planning Team

Our Staff

Lori Ross | First Liberty

Lori Ross

Senior Director of Human Resources
Steve Purdum | First Liberty

Steve Purdum

Senior Director of Ministry Relations

Don Spak

Ministry Relations Development Officer

Olga Figueroa

Ministry Relations Specialist
Terry Yates | First Liberty

Terry Yates

Ministry Relations Development Officer
First Liberty | Clark Whitley

Clark Whitley

Ministry Relations Development Officer
Mike Cahill | First Liberty

Mike Cahill

Ministry Relations Development Officer

Michaela Willows

Donor Relations Representative
Emerging Markets

Lila Prothro

Donor Relations Coordinator
Cali Beyer | First Liberty

Cali Beyer

Donor Outreach Specialist

Lisa Patterson

Assistant to the President

Jan LaDue

Senior Events Manager
April West | First Liberty

April West

Events Manager
Isabell Barineau

Isabell Barineau

Event Specialist
Lindy Dolenz | First Liberty

Lindy Dolenz

Client Acquisition Analyst

Todd Winking

Chief Marketing Officer

Bryan Dempsey

Senior Director of Marketing Operations

Alison Nevans

Senior Social Media Manager
AnnaGrace Stallings | First Liberty

AnnaGrace Stallings

Marketing Coordinator

Stuart Shepard

Multimedia Director

Jorge Gomez

Content Strategist, Senior Writer
First Liberty | Kathy Cho

Kathy Cho

Art Director

Bryan Rogers

Digital Marketing Director
Stan Corbett | First Liberty

Stan Corbett

Digital Marketing Specialist
Jared Besse | First Liberty

Jared Besse

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Chris Freund

Director of Media Relations
Madison Dale | First Liberty

Madison Dale

Media Coordinator
Corey ONeill | First Liberty

Cory O’Neill

Director of Information Technology
Josh Horton

Josh Horton

Systems Administrator

Phillip Hawkins

Senior Director of Data Management

Larissa Daggett

Senior Program Support Specialist
Jill Hawkins | First Liberty

Jill Hawkins

Program Support Specialist

Andrew Boyechko

Associate Comptroller
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