At First Liberty, our clients are part of a fraternity of Americans that for which religious liberty is personal. Our clients know the value of religious liberty because they have seen theirs challenged. And, they know first hand the difference a strong legal defense of our first liberty can make.

We consider it a privilege and an honor to represent Americans of all faiths who take a courageous stand for their religious beliefs.

Thank you so much to First Liberty and all of its supporters. You’re the ones behind the scenes making things happen. When we stand in the front lines, you support us 100%.

Coach Joe Kennedy – The Comeback Coach

I was fired from Alaska Airlines for my faith…it’s been the biggest blessing…that we can all be in there together fighting the good fight.

Flight Attendant Lacey Smith – Discrimination Won’t Fly

I’m so grateful that the Lord led me to First Liberty. I can’t thank Him enough for putting First Liberty in my life.

Gail Blair – Blind Faith

I want to thank First Liberty for representing us very well. They helped us win a case against [the City of] Duncanville, trying to take our church property and land.

Pastor Jarvis Baker – The Steadfast Shepard

Without the likes of First Liberty and what they do, churches like us, entities like us, would be swatted and walked over.

Pastor Paul Malcomson – Light of the World

To have someone else step up to the plate and say they are willing to fight with us and get God’s word to our military just blows my mind.

Kenny Vaughn – More Than a Piece of Metal

You took the time to talk to me through the whole process…it was awesome, just awesome.

Pastor Chuck Salvo – The Lawsuit Heard Around the Nation

You guys are so great to work with, I’m so thrilled that there are organizations like First Liberty…as we contend for the faith, First Liberty is always there because we are going to need them.

Ken Ham – Answers in Genesis

We contacted First Liberty and almost immediately they responded, and our signs were back up.

Jerry King – God, Country & Family

I was just blown away because the ministry of First Liberty…was so quick…I was so impressed.

Michael Spencer – Worship in a Pandemic

Walking by Faith

Join the Fight

Brave Americans like Lacey, Gail and Pastor Jarvis have proven their courage by standing up for their faith when it was anything but easy.

First Liberty is first in the fight to defend their religious freedom—but we need you on our side.

Your support directly impacts the level of legal defense we offer clients like Lacey, Gail, and Pastor Jarvis—and ensures that they will never have to pay a dime in legal fees.

Will you give generously today, so we can be first in the fight together?

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