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Coach Joe Kennedy

UPDATE: The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has again ruled with the Bremerton School District that they can fire Coach Kennedy for taking a knee in silent prayer. FLI General Counsel Mike Berry responded: “This opinion threatens the rights of millions of Americans who simply want to be able to freely exercise their faith without fear of losing their job. We plan to appeal, and we hope the Supreme Court will right this wrong. This fight is far from over.”

In 2019, the Supreme Court issued a rare statement providing us with a pathway to victory. Winning this case is essential not only for Coach Joe, but for all Americans: it could finally restore the Free Exercise Clause, one of the key religious freedom clauses found in the First Amendment. This monumental victory would give Americans more freedom than ever before.

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Want to hear the story behind Coach Joe’s case? Watch our First Liberty Live! episodes featuring Joe Kennedy as he explains why this case is crucial to the future of religious liberty in America


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First Liberty has been protecting and defending freedom for all Americans who have had their voice slienced or their faith shut down. Learn more about Coach Kennedy and how we defend everyday Americans so they can live out their faith.


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Want to know more about Coach Joe and his incredible story? Read our story page explaining his time in the military and why His case could be the one to overturn a bad legal decision that’s been used to erode the Constitution and religious liberty for 30 years.


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