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First Liberty has a vareity of free resources for you to download and use. From our protection kits written by our elite attorneys, to a pocket Constitution, to our Undeniable book, there’s a little something for everyone. Be sure to check out what First Liberty has to offer.

Protection Kits | First Liberty

Protection Kits

Whether your freedom is threatened at school, at your workplace, at your church, or even in the military, our protection kits written and created by our attorneys will explain in detail exactly how far your right to express your faith truly extends.

Undeniable | First Liberty


The Undeniable book contains a compilation of more than 1,400 real, documented instances of hostility toward every Americans’ right to freely live out our faith. The book serves as an essential resource for any American concerned about the rising threat towards religion.

Pocket Constitution | First Liberty

Pocket Constitution

At First Liberty, we believe that most of the problems our country faces can be solved very simply—by going back to the principles that made our country great in the first place. What better way to do that than by getting a free pocket Constitution?

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