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Koc3 2019

Knights of Columbus Memorial Day Service

May 30, 2024

It’s shameful that the National Park Service is treating religious Americans like second class citizens.

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Chris Avell 0011

Dad’s Place

April 26, 2024

People who take action to care for the homeless should be encouraged and affirmed, not arrested and fined.

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Village of Airmont, NY

January 15, 2024

First Liberty defends Orthodox Jewish community being driven underground by the Village of Airmont, NY. Village with history of anti-Semitism now threatening a Rabbi with jail for hosting worship in his home.

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Rabbi Illulian Picture

Rabbi Illulian

December 4, 2023

It is a constitutional right to engage in religious exercise within one’s own home with family or friends, free from government burden and interference

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Fathers House 3

The Father’s House

May 9, 2023

Faith-based program in Tennessee battles local government to continue meeting needs in its community.

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Face Act Launch | First Liberty Institute

Heartbeat of Miami

March 30, 2023

Violence is never a lawful response to political disagreement.

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