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First Liberty would like to share these two, beautifully illustrated children’s books as a free gift to all people of faith. These books are perfect for teaching your kids and grandkids how the Founding Fathers valued the freedom of all Americans to publicly exercise their faith.

Both books are perfect for parents and grandparents who want to pass on their love for religious liberty that God has blessed us with in America. These books also instill a strong passion to fiercely protect our precious freedoms—or they could quickly erode away.

Read Founded on Freedom and No Better Letter for FREE! Plus, watch our video of No Better Letter and share it with your friends and family.

Founded On Freedom | First Liberty Book

Founded on Freedom

Founded on Freedom explains how America first started with the courageous signing of the Declaration of Independence. It was the event that paved the way to bring personal freedom and religious liberty to all.

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No Better Letter

No Better Letter explains the true meaning and origin of Thomas Jefferson’s famous “wall of separation between Church and State.” It also explains how this “wall of separation” has been misunderstood for so long.

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