Thank You for Supporting Conservative Judges

Thank you for signing the petition urging the U.S. Senate to confirm conservative judicial nominees.

First Liberty Institute is leading the charge to fill our federal court vacancies with judges who will uphold religious liberty as enshrined in the Constitution. And prompting the U.S. Senate to streamline its rules and procedures is a critical step in ensuring that more of President Trump’s nominees are confirmed to the federal bench.

In the first two years of Trump’s presidency, we’ve already witnessed a record-breaking number of judicial confirmations. But the success that the President and Republican Senators have had in confirming a record-number of circuit judges cannot be remembered as nothing more than a great start.

We need to keep the momentum going strong by confirming more conservative, pro-religious liberty judges.

Contact Your U.S Senator!

But signing this petition is only the first step. Today, you can send your U.S. Senators a personalized letter or give their offices a call. This is another way to help speed up the judicial confirmation process! Use the map below to find your U.S. Senators’ contact information.
Click here for a letter template.

Visit our Judicial Nominees page to learn more about federal judges and their impact on your religious liberty.

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Late Senator John McCain (R) 

(Jon Kyl to fill vacancy)

Senator Jeff Flake (R)