Fox Interview Mike Berry – Coach Andy Hape

December 13, 2017 • Media

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Dys Interview – Masterpiece – Fox

December 13, 2017 • Media

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Religious Ads Banned on Washington, D.C. Public Buses

DC public transit authorities ban religious holiday ads to prevent “civic unrest?” First Liberty steps in to support Archdiocese of Washington’s religious discrimination complaint.
December 8, 2017 • News & Commentary

Is the Grinch running the Washington, D.C. transit system? That could be a fair question considering a recent ban on an uplifting holiday ad intended for buses. Last month, the Archdiocese of Washington commemorated 70 years since its original founding in 1947. However, their celebration turned sour when District of

VICTORY: Religious Liberty Restored for High School Students

First Liberty wins critical dispute against school district that censored high school senior’s graduation speech
December 8, 2017 • News & Commentary

Restoring religious liberty in America’s schools is still within reach. Less than six months after sending a demand letter, First Liberty secured a resounding victory for Moriah Bridges, the high school senior whose graduation remarks were censored by school officials because they contained faith-based comments. As a result of Moriah

First Liberty Asks Supreme Court to Hear Prayer Case

First Liberty and Gibson Dunn petition Supreme Court for justice after woman ordered not to pray in home
December 2, 2017 • News & Commentary

When government agents deny a citizen’s right to pray in the home, should they be shielded from liability by legal loopholes and technicalities? It’s a question the Supreme Court may have to answer in the near future. For Mary Anne Sause, the answer could bring long-awaited relief. In June, the

COURT WATCH: Get the Latest on Judge Nominations with First Liberty’s Interactive Map!

Federal judges have immense power. Who will rule America?
December 2, 2017 • News & Commentary

First Liberty has prepared an ongoing interactive map to help Americans understand and easily track the status of the federal judicial nominations that will impact their lives so profoundly. Federal judges, including the U.S. Supreme Court, hold immense power over our lives and America’s future. How a judge interprets the Constitution