Air Force Colonel Punished for his Religious Beliefs Fights Back

Colonel Michael Madrid’s law firm demands that the Air Force rescind Col. Madrid’s punishment and attempt to destroy his career
March 29, 2017 •

San Antonio, Texas – Today, First Liberty Institute, a national religious freedom law firm, sent a demand letter to the United States Air Force on behalf of its client, Colonel Michael Madrid, USAF. First Liberty attorneys say the Air Force discriminated against Col. Madrid because of his religious beliefs about

Air Force Colonel Punished for his Religious Beliefs About Sexuality

Press conference at 2:00 pm CT at Travis Park in downtown San Antonio
March 29, 2017 •

WHAT: Colonel Michael Madrid is a decorated Air Force veteran who has served in the military for 26 years. In 2014, a service member undergoing a court-martial accused Col. Madrid of making derogatory comments about homosexuality. Col. Madrid denied the comments, submitted to an Air Force investigation, and was cleared

Government Tries to Redefine First Amendment in Major Federal Prayer Case

Attorneys with First Liberty Argue in Court for Woman Ordered Not to Pray in Her Home
March 25, 2017 •

Oral arguments took place March 21 in the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit on behalf of First Liberty client Mary Anne Sause of Louisburg, Kansas. Ms. Sause was ordered by police to stop praying in her own home. Her lawsuit was rejected by a federal district

Who Rules America?

Over two centuries since the Constitution provided for a federal court system, the central question of “Who rules?” is still a struggle.
March 25, 2017 •

For four days this week, the Senate Judiciary Committee gathered together in the Hart Office Building in Washington DC to voice discussion and pose questions to Supreme Court Justice nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch. Filling the seat of the late Justice Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court was a huge motivating

First Liberty Institute Condemns Lawsuit Against Judge’s Courtroom Invocations

March 22, 2017 •

Plano, Texas – Yesterday evening, an activist group filed a lawsuit against Judge Wayne Mack over his practice of allowing volunteer chaplains to open his court sessions in prayer. “Judge Mack’s program is an excellent idea and a great way to serve the community,” Kelly Shackelford, President and CEO of

Government Claims First Amendment Protects Only the “Right to Choose a Religion”

Tenth Circuit hears case of woman threatened with arrest for praying in her own home; government defends police actions by arguing limited concept of First Amendment
March 21, 2017 •

Denver, Colo. – Today, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit heard oral arguments in a case filed by Ms. Mary Anne Sause, a Catholic former nurse who was ordered by police officers to stop praying in her own home. In court briefings, government attorneys defended the police