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Delaware Nativity Scene Case | First Liberty

Delaware Nativity Scene

June 23, 2020

For decades, a free-standing nativity has been part of the Christmas holiday tradition in the town circle in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. But last year, the City ordered it removed because it is “religious.” Of course, this is a clear violation of the First Amendment. First Liberty Institute has urged the City to reverse its recent blanket ban of the nativity from any city property.

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Gail Blair Case | Blind Faith | First Liberty

Blind Faith

June 16, 2020

If there’s one place citizens should be able to come together and freely discuss what matters most to them, it’s in a public park. That’s what Gail Blair, blind since the age of 37, thought when she began having conversations about her faith in Wilcox Park

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Holy Water Case | First Liberty

The Church Water Tax Case

March 11, 2020

First Liberty Institute is representing three churches in a lawsuit against their city for implementing discriminatory water fees.

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Coach Kennedy’s Case

Coach Kennedy

March 2, 2020

School district fires football Coach Joe Kennedy over prayer

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Puerto Rico School Case | First Liberty

Puerto Rico Schools Case

February 24, 2020

First Liberty fights for of churches and religious schools to operate free of government interference.

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Light of the World | First Liberty

Light of the World Gospel Ministries

February 20, 2020

First Liberty defends vibrant, multi-ethnic congregation from unlawful discrimination by local government officials.

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