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January 31, 2015

U.S. Army punishes beloved Chaplain over lifesaving anti-suicide message….

PUNISHED: Army Chaplain Seeks Religious Accommodation to Care for Spiritual Well Being of Soldiers

December 19, 2014

…for discussing his personal faith during suicide prevention training. The Army refused to back down from its stance . . . but with your help, we will not back down…

CHAPLAIN CASE: Deadline December 15 for U.S. Army to Respond to Liberty Institute

December 11, 2014

…As reported in the national media this week, Liberty Institute has demanded that the United States Army revoke an unlawful violation of the religious liberty rights of our…

DON’T MUZZLE OUR CHAPLAINS! U.S. Congressman Calls for Chief of Army Chaplains’ Help

March 6, 2015

…Violation of First Liberty Institute client Chaplain Joe Lawhorn’s religious liberty rights point to greater issue of Army religious freedom policies In his third letter of inquiry regarding the…

PRESSURE! Member of Congress Demands Answers from Army about Punished Chaplain

January 29, 2015

Army on defensive after punishing chaplain for including religion during suicide prevention training Last week, Representative Doug Collins (R-GA) sent a sharply-worded letter to the U.S. Army’s Maneuver Center…

5 Reasons to Keep Religion in the Military

September 17, 2015

…that reconciliation with Great Britain was unlikely. In response, Congress officially established the Continental Army, and explicitly recommended that “all officers and soldiers diligently to attend Divine Service.”4  Similarly, Congress instructed…