Religious Liberty in the Community

First Liberty Institute defends the rights of all Americans to freely express their religious beliefs in public. At First Liberty, we equip people with the knowledge they need to safeguard their rights, and are committed to restoring those rights when they are violated.

Attacks on the exercise of religious liberty in the public arena occur in a variety of settings, including government buildings, public lands, businesses, and virtually any location where Americans can publicly express their faith. Commonly, religious freedom violations take place when people of faith are fired from their job, refused employment, fined for practicing their faith, or speaking out about their religious beliefs.

When the government restricts a person’s religious expression to their home or house of worship, it is violating both freedom of religion and freedom of speech, rights guaranteed in the First Amendment of the Constitution. These rights have been upheld time and again by legal precedent as well as by federal and state laws.

In our fight to preserve religious freedom in the public arena, we specifically protect the following:

  • Religious speech in public locations
  • Public displays and monuments
  • Religious expression in the workplace for employees, employers, customers and vendors

Stay Protected

7 Facts About Religious Rights in the Workplace

Right now, attacks against people of faith in the workplace are at an all-time high. And what’s worse, many employees allow themselves to become victims of religious discrimination due to their own lack of knowledge or pressure to conform—even though the law is on their side!

Don’t wait until it happens to you. Equip yourself and your family to meet any challenge of your faith at your workplace with First Liberty’s 7 Facts About Religious Rights in the Workplace. Assembled by First Liberty’s expert legal team, this handy guide will allow you to live out your faith at work with confidence.

Know your rights so that you can keep earning a living without forfeiting your faith.

Download your free copy today »

Religious Rights in the Workplace | First Liberty

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