Give to Defend the Football Coach Fired for Living Out His Faith

Coach Joe Kennedy chose to take a stand for his faith by kneeling in prayer. And though he was fired for his act of faith, he’s not running from the fight.

Now, it’s our turn to take a stand. We can no longer just sit on the sidelines and allow great people of faith like Coach Kennedy to be silenced in America.

Will you join the fight with Coach Kennedy, and donate to defend your constitutional right to religious freedom?

If government is allowed to regulate prayer, no religious freedom is safe. That’s why Coach Kennedy’s case is so important, and why we need your support to achieve victory and continue to defend your constitutional rights.

Every dollar counts in this fight. We have a proven track record of success, winning cases from the district courts to the Supreme Court—all while maintaining an unparalleled 90% win rate across all legal matters.

But we can’t continue to achieve these crucial victories without your support.

Donate to Stand with Coach Kennedy »

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