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Faith is Under Fire in Our Military Help Fight Back
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Find out what the top news outlets in the nation are reporting on our cases.

Judge Throws Out Lawsuit Filed by Those Who Found a WWI Memorial Offensive

Daily Signal
December 1, 2015 • In the News

Maryland federal judge Deborah Chasanow (a Clinton appointee) threw out a lawsuit filed by the American Humanist Association over a forty-foot-tall war memorial that is almost 100 years old. Read full article »

Court Finds Cross Memorial Constitutional

Baltimore Sun
November 30, 2015 • In the News

A federal court in Maryland has ruled that a cross-shaped war memorial in Prince George’s County is constitutional. Read full article »

Silencing of Government Employees at Christmas

Fox Business TV
November 24, 2015 • In the News

The Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Salem, Virginia is coming under some heat. It has decided to ban Christmas trees in public areas. Watch Video »

Prayer’s Place in U.S. Football Gets High School Test

November 9, 2015 • In the News

“It’s my constitutional right to do this,” he [Coach Kennedy] told Reuters, invoking the freedom of speech afforded by the First Amendment. “It’s part of me, it’s who I am. I am not going to hide my faith.”

Military High Court to Hear Marine Vet’s Religious Freedom Case

Marine Corps Times
November 9, 2015 • In the News

A Marine veteran court-martialed for failing to remove a Bible verse at work when ordered her to do so by a superior is on track to plead her case at the military’s highest court. Read full article »

Houston Drops Eminent Domain Effort Against Churches

One News Now
November 4, 2015 • In the News

Two small Texas churches have fought their Goliath – the City of Houston – and can now claim a legal victory. Read full article »

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