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Impact Like Never Before: Church Case Victory Update

June 11, 2021 • Photos & Video

Dr. Jarvis Baker, Pastor of Canaan Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas, shares some good news: Your support for First Liberty results in a bright future for the church’s outreach to the community. Learn about the victory in the legal matter, as well as the congregation’s future plans.

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When Government Controls Your Life: An Insider’s Perspective

June 4, 2021 • Photos & Video

Li Zhao Schoolland, a Chinese freedom activist and featured author shares her story growing up in Communist China. She explains the dire state of the country she was raised in and tells a cautionary tale of what happens when the government gets involved in every aspect of your life. You won’t want to miss this episode.

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Veterans Memorial: A Wretched Dumpster Fire?

June 4, 2021 • Photos & Video

First Liberty is representing the town of Monument, CO, after the so-called Military Religious Freedom Foundation threatened to file a lawsuit because an Eagle Scout built a memorial with a religious reference to honor veterans. Hear Stephanie Taub talk through the case and what First Liberty is doing to protect this monument.

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Victory: Michigan High School Student No Longer Censored

June 1, 2021 • Photos & Video

School officials at Hillsdale (MI) high school reversed a decision that prevented Elizabeth Turner, a graduating senior, from referencing her faith in her valedictory speech.

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Is the Military Targeting Christian Service Members? | First Liberty Live!

May 27, 2021 • Photos & Video

Lt. Col. Oliver North joins First Liberty Live! to discuss the importance of faith in the military, and why we must fight back against the aggressively intolerant extremism threatening to wipe out this essential right. Be sure to tune into this exclusive episode to hear more of Oliver North’s incredible story, and the role that faith has played in his own life.

Fll 5.20.21 Allen West Part 3 1280x720

Marxism in the Military? | First Liberty Live!

May 27, 2021 • Photos & Video

Lt. Col. Allen West, former Congressman and the current chairman of the Texas GOP joins First Liberty Live! to discuss the creeping ideologies that are infecting our military. He will talk about the importance of faith in the military and how young service members can stay true to thier faith despite the pressure.

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