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Firstlook April Live

First Look with Kelly Shackelford – April 2021

April 6, 2021 • Photos & Video

As you can see, there are several crucial battlefronts right now where our Constitutional foundation is under severe threat…and where religious freedom must prevail. Tune-in into First Liberty Live! each week throughout April for an in-depth look at what’s at stake right now, and what you can do to take action with us.

Fll Chuck Salvo Fb

The Pandemic Victory Heard Across the Nation: One Year Later | First Liberty Live!

April 6, 2021 • Photos & Video

It’s been almost one year since the seminal legal case that was heard around the country. Be sure to tune in to this special episode recapping what happened last Easter with Chuck Salvo and On Fire Christian Church and how it made history during a major crisis in our nation.

Dangers of the Equality Act | First Liberty

The Dangers of the Equality Act | First Liberty Live!

March 26, 2021 • Photos & Video

The deceptively-named “Equality” Act is actually an incredible affront to religious freedom, and has the potential to strip back our First Amendment rights to unparalleled levels. On this special “March to Madness” episode, FLI Counsel Keisha Russell breaks down the biggest problems with the Act and shares what you can do to help prevent it from passing.

Fll Jeff Site Thumbnail 1200x600 1

The Madness of America’s March Toward Tyranny | First Liberty Live!

March 16, 2021 • Photos & Video

In our ‘march toward madness’ special episode, Chief Legal Officer Jeff Mateer breaks down the rise in cancel culture, big-tech censorship, big-government schemes like court packing, and other imminent dangers to American freedom — and he’ll share how you can join us in stopping this madness.

Fll Lotw Thumbnail

This Pastor Refused to Give Up on His Town | First Liberty Live!

March 16, 2021 • Photos & Video

On this episode of First Liberty Live!, hear the story of a former Irish police officer who moved across the Atlantic to the small town of Walthill, Nebraska, and the unimaginable struggles his ministry continues facing to this day.

Kelly Prageru Thumbnail

You Can’t Be Free Without This | Kelly Shackelford on PragerU

December 7, 2020 • Photos & Video

It wasn’t an accident that the First Amendment to the Constitution is about religious liberty. So, why was it so important to the Founders? And why should it be just as important to you? Kelly Shackelford recently sat down with PragerU to answer these essential questions.

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