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Suing Alaska Airlines

The Workplace is Not the Wokeplace: Suing Alaska Airlines

May 25, 2022 • Photos & Video

First Liberty Chief Legal Officer Jeff Mateer breaks down our recent lawsuit against Alaska Airlines for discriminating against two flight attendants for their religious beliefs.

Glenn Beck | What the Founders Taught Us | First Liberty

Glenn Beck: What the Founders Taught Us About Religious Liberty

May 16, 2022 • Photos & Video

Glenn Beck joins First Liberty Live! to talk about the importance of religious freedom and how the founders knew it was our true First Freedom.

The Big One - Coach Kennedy

Prepping for the Coach Kennedy Case at the Supreme Court

April 18, 2022 • Photos & Video

To get you ready for Coach Kennedy’s Supreme Court case, we’re having a conversation with our volunteer counsel Paul Clement, one of the most experienced Supreme Court attorneys alive. He will be arguing Coach Kennedy’s case in front of the Court and you won’t want to miss his insights.

Fli Live | Supreme Court Key Term

Why This Supreme Court is the Most Important in a Quarter-Century

April 8, 2022 • Photos & Video

Tim Goeglein joins First Liberty Live! to discuss why this Supreme Court term is one of the most important we’ve had in decades. He’ll walk through some of the critical cases that are coming up in the next few months.

Fli Live | Communist Romania

The Power of Storytelling: Growing Up in Communist Romania

April 8, 2022 • Photos & Video

Mihail Neamtu, a survivor of communist Romania, now serves as a leading scholar and fellow for First Liberty’s new educational initiative, the Center for Religion Culture and Democracy. He joins the show to share his story of escaping tyranny and explain why protecting our liberties is so important.

Shaun Frederickson | Freedom Revival | First Liberty Live

Saving our Communities Starting in California

March 25, 2022 • Photos & Video

Shaun Frederickson is an activist in Southern California and the creator of the Freedom Revival – a movement to restore unity and reclaim our nation under God. After going viral during a local government hearing, he became a spokesman for freedom during the wave of tyranny in California last year.

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