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First Liberty offers you exclusive content to help you learn more about our clients, attorneys, and important issues relating to religious freedom. Through First Liberty’s media you can establish a direct connection with our organization and meet the people who are fighting for your religious liberty.

First Liberty’s media gallery features a variety of videos and photos, including our national media appearances and interviews, client testimonials, special messages from First Liberty’s CEO and President, Kelly Shackelford, and a wealth of native content covering the most important religious freedom developments across America.

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First Liberty | 2018 Onderdonk Religious Liberty Award Announcement

The 2018 Religious Liberty Award Honoree Announced

August 30, 2018 • Photos & Video

Every year, First Liberty Institute bestows the Philip B. Onderdonk Jr. Religious Liberty Award to one exceptional individual for his or her efforts to defend religious liberty. This year, Kelly Shackelford announced President Donald J. Trump as the 2018 Philip B. Onderdonk Jr. Religious Liberty Award honoree at The American […]

First Liberty | Army Clears Chaplain Scott Squires

Victory! Army Clears Chaplain and Assistant of All Charges

August 27, 2018 • Photos & Video

First Liberty’s Deputy General Counsel, Jeremy Dys, shares more about the Army’s decision to vindicate Chaplain Squires & SSG Griffin. First Liberty cannot win these important cases without YOUR support. Victories like that of Chaplain Squires and SSG Griffin happen because of ongoing partnerships with people like you during this […]

First Liberty | Mike Berry | Chaplain Scott Scquires

Decorated chaplain faces possibility of court martial and confinement in a military prison

August 7, 2018 • Photos & Video

Mike Berry, First Liberty Deputy General Counsel & Director of Military Affairs, walks through the shocking actions by The United States Army that took place under the command of Major General Kurt Sonntag and why decorated Army Chaplain Scott Squires now faces possible jail time for following the rules of […]

First Liberty | DOJ interview on Fox News

Kelly Shackelford on Fox News Discussing the DOJ Religious Liberty Summit

July 31, 2018 • Photos & Video

July 30, 2018 — Kelly Shackelford discusses the Department of Justice Religious Liberty Summit and the formation of the Attorney General’s Religious Liberty Task Force with Shannon Bream on Fox News @ Night.

First Liberty | No Place Like Home to Pray: A Real Victory for Sause

No Place Like Home to Pray: A Real Victory for Sause

July 27, 2018 • Photos & Video

Learn more about Mary Anne Sause.

Kelly Shackelford discusses Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh

Kelly Shackelford on Fox News Discussing Brett Kavanaugh’s Nomination

July 10, 2018 • Photos & Video

July 9, 2018 — Kelly Shackelford discusses Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination on Fox News Tonight.

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