Thank you for supporting Coach Kennedy’s right to live out his faith

Support Coach Joe Kennedy | First LibertyNow that you’ve put your name behind the fight for religious freedom, would you take your support one step further by donating to keep that precious freedom protected?

This case isn’t just about Coach Kennedy, and it isn’t just about prayer. Every American should be able live out their faith without fear of harassment or silencing.

If government is allowed to regulate prayer, no religious freedom is safe. That’s why Coach Kennedy’s case is so important, and why we need your support to achieve victory and continue to defend your constitutional rights.

Every dollar counts in the fight for our foundational freedoms. We have a proven track record of success, winning cases from the district courts to the Supreme Court—all while maintaining an unparalleled 90% win rate across all legal matters.

But we can’t continue to achieve these crucial victories without your support.

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