With Judge Barrett’s confirmation hearing now underway, the First Ladies of First Liberty are making it clear that faith should not disqualify women from serving at the highest level of government. Amy Coney Barrett has risen to the height of her profession while remaining true to her calling. Learn why she deserves our unwavering support:

Judge Barrett’s confirmation hearings will no doubt heat up this week, hearings which have previously focused on her personal faith. First Liberty urgently needs your support RIGHT NOW, as we go All In Together to help ensure that the Senate confirms Judge Barrett without delay and without unconstitutional religious tests.

By taking action with your gift today, your name will be immediately added to our petition telling the U.S. Senate:

I hereby add my name to this petition calling for the swift confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett, and support First Liberty’s efforts to continue providing expert analysis to the administration and the U.S. Senate on the record of pending nominees—including the current nominee for the Supreme Court.

Or, if you would rather just voice your support for the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, visit our petition page to sign now.

Tell the Senate: Confirm Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court NOW!

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