Update from Kelly:
First Liberty is Fighting for You, Your Church and Your Liberties in This Critical Time

The COVID-19 crisis has prompted federal, state, and local officials to impose restrictions on public gatherings, including limits on how many people can get together for worship. For people of faith, these restrictions hit particularly close to home, and they’ve placed significant pressure on pastors, religious leaders and houses of worship across the country.

Thankfully, because of faithful First Liberty supporters like YOU, our team can keep fighting for those suffering the effects of the coronavirus.

Religious communities of all faiths play a big role in providing relief and material aid (food, clothing, medical supplies, shelter, etc.) to hard-hit areas, and they serve a special purpose in times of crisis just like this by being a light, giving spiritual guidance, comfort and hope.

That’s why First Liberty is deeply grateful for YOUR support right now. Thanks to you, our team can keep going All In to protect religious freedom nationwide.

Without YOU helping us defend religious liberty, there would be no safeguard for faith-based institutions, houses of worship and people of faith who serve and contribute essential services to our communities.

Will You Stand Strong and Go All In With Us to Defend Our First Freedom?

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