After Letter from First Liberty, New York County Aligns Policies with First Amendment

Chemung, NY responded to letter from First Liberty Institute within hours

Chemung NY Drive-In Services | First Liberty

Chemung, NY—County officials in Chemung County, NY today stated that it will once again respect drive-in church services. The change came about a day after First Liberty Institute sent the county executive a letter explaining that its previous stay-at-home policy was inconsistent with the Constitution, federal law, and CDC guidelines.

“We are pleased that Chemung county officials responded quickly and appropriately and clarified their policies to comply with the Constitution,” said Keisha Russell, Counsel for First Liberty. “Cooperation between government officials and the religious community during times of crisis is essential. Our clients are excited at being able to meet the spiritual needs of their congregations in a safe and responsible way.”

County officials amended their policy to allow drive-in church services in a manner consistent with what First Liberty suggested in its letter sent yesterday to County Executive Christopher Moss.

First Liberty’s team of legal experts continues to remain vigilant on the front lines of this crucial fight to ensure that our rights to religious freedom are not compromised.

As attacks against churches and churchgoers continue to take place all across our nation during the “new normal,” we believe the work we are doing is vital for our freedoms and the future of our country. And it is only through your support that we able stand ready to defend your right to live out your faith.

Will You Help First Liberty Continue Defend Religious Freedom Against Policies That Target Drive-in Services?

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