Major Victory:
U.S. Navy Green Lights a Return to Church Services for Military Members

Winning back the right to attend religious services is a key victory for the constitutional freedom of America’s military service members—but we must stay vigilant.

There is no “pandemic exception” to the Constitution. It is vitally important to ensure that our religious freedoms are not trampled under the guise of “crisis” or “the new normal.”

And with hostility to religion in our armed forces on the rise like never before, we must take bold action to make sure that those who fight for our freedom do not lose their own freedoms.

First Liberty’s expert legal team is on the frontlines of this fight, safeguarding the first freedom of our nation’s first line of defense—but we can’t continue to be the “tip of the spear” without you.

Would you consider donating today, and joining the fight to protect the freedom of those who protect ours?

With your financial support, we will continue to deliver victories for America’s military heroes.

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