Religious Freedom: Fact vs. Fiction

Equip yourself with quick, easy-to-understand answers that expose the most common myths about religious freedom.

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Religious Freedom Q&A Guide

A recent survey reveals that over 56% of Americans don’t believe the right of religious liberty is being threatened. That means over half of the people you know — your friends, neighbors and coworkers — don’t think protecting religious liberty is necessary or even important.

So, how do you convince them otherwise? Can you prove that religious freedom is a vital part of our society?

Don’t worry. We have the perfect solution — a resource that delivers brief, hard-hitting doses of truth to counter the growing lies about religious liberty.

Equip yourself with quick, easy-to-understand answers to the most common myths about religious freedom with this handy Religious Freedom Q&A Guide.

Our team of religious liberty experts have done all the work for you, packing years of research and constitutional knowledge into just 22 pages of bite-sized answers to hot-button questions ripped straight from the headlines. Questions like:

  • Isn’t religious freedom just creating special rights for people of faith?
  • Doesn’t religious freedom allow people to do whatever they want under the guise of religion?
  • Should people of faith be forced to change their beliefs to conform to changing opinions or law?

Start exposing the biggest myths about religious freedom today! Get quick and easy answers to today’s toughest questions with our free Religious Freedom Q&A Guide.

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