This election year is critical to our nation. Now more than ever we need to know where candidates stand on their support of religious freedom. The future of faith and religious liberty is on the ballot.

Below are some of First Liberty’s best resources to help you be educated on your rights this election year. Download great resources that explain what rights pastors and churches have during elections how your vote impacts the Supreme Court, judges and bills in Congress, and more.

Power to Change America

The Power to Change America is in Your Vote

The most important thing you can do to secure the future of faith is to VOTE! We’re asking that all Americans let their faith guide their vote at every level—whether it’s a local, state, or national election.The Power to Change America is in Your Vote will help all people of faith learn how they can make a difference with their vote. It’s also a guide to churches and pastors to help them make decisions as we enter election season.


Church Election One Pager

Churches & Elections Legal Guide

Pastors and churches have a legal right to educate their members about biblical and political issues and encourage them to vote according to biblical values. Unfortunately, churches and pastors have been given false information about what they can and cannot do. Use this resource to get the correct information from our legal experts!


Church Election Justice Onepager

2024 Election: Justices Matter

Elections have a major impact on America’s courts. We don’t get to vote for judges, but we do vote for who appoints them – both the President and our U.S. Senators. That’s a responsibility which will determine what kind of country we leave to our children and grandchildren.


Pocket Constitution

Your Pocket Constitution

Today, there are a lot of people who like to blame the Constitution for many of our nation’s “problems.” But the truth is, our Constitution is not the problem—it’s the solution. Here at First Liberty Institute, it is our firm belief that most of the problems our country faces can be solved very simply—by going back to the principles that made our country great in the first place.


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