America’s founders made religious freedom our First Freedom for good reason. It is the foundational freedom for all of our constitutional freedoms. And if our first freedom falls, all of our freedoms will fall.

That’s why this election year is so critical to our nation. Now more than ever we need to know where candidates stand on their support of religious freedom. The future of faith and religious liberty is on the ballot.

From now until Election Day, First Liberty is helping educate people of faith and all Americans learn how they can make a difference with their vote. Voting this November is a must!

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Free Resources

We have FREE resources that explain what rights pastors and churches have during elections, plus how your vote impacts the Supreme Court, judges and bills in Congress.


Election 2024 Center | First Liberty Institute

Your First Call

Have questions about your legal rights? Is your church under attack? Request free legal help so you can be sure that you’re protected throughout the election cycle.


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Request A Speaker

Our attorneys and experts are here to help. They’ll be glad to speak at your house of worship, event or rally to explain why people of faith should vote and how the law protects them.


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“Not everyone can represent a case at the Supreme Court like we do, but you can do something that will have a major impact on the future of our country: VOTE! Yes, vote at every level—whether it’s a local, state, or national election.”

– First Liberty President, CEO & Chief Counsel, Kelly Shackelford, Esq.

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Election 2024: The Rights of People of Faith to Get Involved

Hear from our President, CEO & Chief Counsel Kelly Shackelford on the importance of people of faith getting out to vote. Plus, you’ll learn about the rights of churches and pastors during the election season.


Is It Ok to Blend Faith and Politics?

Is it okay to blend faith and politics? Get insights from a political consultant, campaign manager and former candidate for public office. She unpacks how Americans can use their faith and convictions to inform their vote.


Election 2024: Advice for Pastors and Churches

Kelly Shackelford, President, CEO and Chief Counsel of First Liberty Institute breaks down the legal rights of pastors and churches regarding the upcoming election.


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The Future of the Supreme Court Is at Stake

If you value our justice system, you need to read this. Radical groups and politicians are trying to destroy the Supreme Court. Your vote in the 2024 election could have big implications for our nation’s highest court. Fighting for religious freedom, or any constitutional freedom, means nothing if our system of justice is gone.


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The Power to Change America is in Your Vote

Anti-religious-liberty candidates keep getting elected, who then promote their anti-religious-liberty policies. How? The answer is obvious: People of faith largely stayed home and didn’t vote. Protecting religious freedom and all our God-given liberties isn’t just a battle that we’re fighting in the courtroom. It’s a fight that we can also win at the ballot box.



Only a fraction of Americans who identify religious liberty as important actually votes in the major elections. If more of us took the voting process more seriously, our culture and government would not be nearly as hostile to religious liberty.

Please give and support First Liberty’s educational efforts. You can help us reach millions more Americans with this critical message. Your vote matters. Going to the ballot box is how We The People can make sure we get to keep freely living out our faith.

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