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Protect the Freedom to Live Out Your Faith in Your Own Home

No one should ever feel unsafe in their own home.

Once upon a time in America, this was a unifying sentiment we could all agree upon. Surely, of all places, your own living room should be a safe space to practice your faith—to pray, to discuss, and to fellowship.

This was the revolutionary vision of our founding fathers. A nation where anyone was free to worship according to their personal beliefs. A nation where religious freedom was protected.

The days of this unified America are crumbling.

Right now, peaceful and law-abiding citizens are being targeted and attacked simply for living out their faith—in their own homes.

  • Ken Hauge and his wife, Liv, were banned by property managers from having a Bible study in a private apartment, accused of conducting a “business.”
  • Mary Anne Sause was harassed and then ordered—literally by two law enforcement officers—to stop praying in the privacy of her own living room.
  • The Orthodox Jewish community in Airmont, New York, has been forced to receive approval from the city government to worship in their own homes. One rabbi has paid over $40,000 in fees—and still had his permit to host worship gatherings denied.

Secretary Ben CarsonThe list goes on. And here’s the most chilling part: there’s no telling when you or your family could be next.

If administrative bureaucrats and government officials can harass, intimidate, and attack these peaceful citizens for their faith, they could intrude into the homes of anyone—including you.

No living room in America is safe. That is, not unless we take decisive action right now.

Sign the petition below now to tell Secretary Ben Carson that these attacks on religious freedom in our homes must stop immediately.

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First Liberty

Petition to:

Ben Carson, United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

I am shocked and appalled by the efforts of administrative bureaucrats and Deep State government officials to harass, intimidate, and attack people of faith in their own homes.

As a citizen who respects religious liberty as outlined in the U.S. Constitution, I believe that:

  • People of faith in America should never be attacked simply for living out their beliefs in their own homes;
  • The First Amendment and federal law protect the right of Americans to worship in their own homes without fear of government intrusion;
  • Violating the boundary lines of personal property as a means to enact religious discrimination is intolerant, destructive, and goes against everything our forefathers founded this country upon.

That’s why I respectfully stand with First Liberty, and request that you take all necessary action so that people of faith are free to peacefully worship and live out their faith in their own homes, without fear of intrusion and harassment.

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