Thank You for Protecting Religious Liberty

Thank you for standing with First Liberty to ensure that all Americans can live out their faith freely and openly.

By protecting and defending the rights of the Orthodox Jewish community, you are helping secure religious liberty for people of all faiths. That’s why winning this case is so important, because it will affect YOU and your family – as well as millions of other Americans – who want to peacefully worship in your own homes.

Right now First Liberty Institute is taking decisive legal action – and with your support, we can continue to fight for the rights of Orthodox Jewish believers and other religious minorities.

But the fight for religious freedom doesn’t end here. Today, you also have an opportunity to make an even greater impact by giving to First Liberty. With each gift you make, our attorneys can continue to provide top-notch representation to our clients — like the Orthodox Jewish community in Airmont, NY — at no charge to them.

Will you join us on the frontlines and defend religious freedom in our homes?

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To learn more about this case as well as several other cases in which we are defending the Orthodox Jewish community, visit

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