Stand With the Jewish Community in New York Against Religious Hostility

For more than 30 years, village officials in Airmont, NY have forced the local Orthodox Jewish community underground.

These officials have made it all but impossible for anyone who is an Orthodox Jewish believer to live out their faith, demanding that they receive approval from the city to worship in their very own homes. And anyone who dares to venture in that application process is put through the wringer.

What are their tactics? Deny, delay, and fatigue…because in Airmont, if you want to practice your faith, you better get ready for a perpetual process of denial.

Here’s what you can expect: ever-increasing fines, severe delays, the “run-around” every time you present an application, and constant “reassessments” of the square footage of your home that’s used for worship.

Yes, you read that right the first time. In Airmont, village bureaucrats have the power to tell you how much of your own home you can or cannot use for religious purposes.

In fact, a local rabbi has had to pay $40,000 in fees to the village trying to meet their demands!

And here’s why that’s a problem: because if they’re intruding into the homes of the Orthodox Jewish community, then they could do it to just about any other American, of any faith.

So, that Bible study or small group that you host at your house?

That could very well be the next religious gathering that these intrusive officials target.

That’s why today, we’re urging you to sign the petition below!

Join us in the fight to ensure all Americans can live out their faith freely and openly – because no one should be forced to practice their faith underground.

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Letter to Donald J Trump, President of the United States

First Liberty

Dear President Trump,

I am shocked to learn that there is systematic discrimination taking place against the Orthodox Jewish community in the Village of Airmont, NY.

Right now, First Liberty Institute is representing village residents, including three rabbis, who’ve been forced to practice their faith in hiding. And because of the city’s endless requirements, they have had to spend tens of thousands of dollars – and yet they still cannot worship together in their own homes.

As a citizen who respects religious liberty as outlined in the U.S. Constitution, I believe that:

  • People of faith in America should not be driven underground by local government officials.
  • The First Amendment and federal law protect the right of Americans to worship in their own homes without government intrusion.
  • Using zoning laws to discriminate against religious minorities is unconstitutional and it is destructive to local communities.

That’s why I respectfully stand with First Liberty Institute and request that you take all necessary action so that the Orthodox Jewish community in Airmont can peacefully worship and live out their faith.

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