First Liberty’s Client Hall of Faith

From their workplaces to the U.S. Supreme Court, our clients are taking heroic stands so that we can live in liberty.

  • They’re standing for the right to choose religious education for their children.
  • They’re standing for the right to serve their country—while also serving God.
  • They’re standing for the right to stay true to their beliefs without getting fired.

These are the ones. The ones who took a stand for truth and continue to walk in faith—so that we can live in liberty. Our clients have bravely taken their stand, but they can’t win the battle alone. Let’s be first in the fight, together, for them.

Walking by Faith

Lacey Smith – Discrimination Won’t Fly

Alaska Airlines fired Lacey Smith, a dedicated flight attendant for expressing her religious beliefs in direct violation of federal Civil Rights law prohibiting workplace religious discrimination.

But Lacey is not backing down from her beliefs anytime soon.

This brave patriot has resolved to be the one to stand by her God-given rights to believe as her conscious and faith dictate, not the official “woke” narrative from a corporation.

Thankfully there are courageous Americans like Lacey Smith willing to take a stand for our country’s historic commitment to religious freedom and generous supporters like you that allows First Liberty to defend them in court for free.

Jarvis Baker – The Steadfast Shepherd

Duncanville officials attempted to seize the small church’s property through eminent domain. The reason? The city wanted to build a fire station—when a fire station already existed right across the street from the property.

But thanks to your generous support, First Liberty stepped in to stop this assault resulting in the city’s announcement that they would no longer seek to strip away the church’s property.

This means Pastor Jarvis Baker and his congregation are free to continue worshipping as a church and using the property to better serve the Duncanville community.

Gail Blair – Blind Faith

Gail, a resident of Westerly, Rhode Island, was banned from a public park for sharing her faith. Even though she is blind, she was determined to hand out pamphlets containing the Gospel of John while she spoke about her faith to park patrons.

Administrative officials of Wilcox Park shut her down, accusing her of littering and “accosting” park patrons.

But thanks to your generous support, First Liberty stepped in to stop this blatant discrimination, and Gail Blair can now indefinitely walk by faith and not by sight. This victory means that no American—least of all a gentle, blind woman—should be banned or censored for simply carrying on a conversation about faith in a public park.

Join the Fight

Brave Americans like Lacey, Gail, and Pastor Jarvis have proven their courage by standing up for their faith when it was anything but easy.

First Liberty is first in the fight to defend their religious freedom—but we need you on our side.

Your support directly impacts the level of legal defense we offer clients like Lacey, Gail, and Pastor Jarvis—and ensures that they will never have to pay a dime in legal fees.

Will you give generously today, so we can be first in the fight together?

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