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Petition to President Donald J. Trump:
Issue an Executive Order to Protect Religious Freedom in America’s Military

Right now, religious freedom in the military is under heavy attack.

Military service members and veterans all over the country are being deprived of the very freedoms that they fight to protect:

  • Chaplains threatened with military imprisonment
  • Decorated military careers on the verge of destruction
  • Veterans being assaulted by their own military brothers

This is unacceptable in America. Our brave military service members should never lose the very freedoms they risk their lives defending.

That’s why we’re petitioning President Donald Trump to issue a new executive order directing Pentagon officials to protect and uphold religious liberty in America’s armed forces.

With a new executive order, the President can send a powerful message to the Department of Defense that it must be more vigilant in protecting the religious liberty of our troops.

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First Liberty

Dear President Trump,

Factions of the U.S. Military are DISOBEYING your Executive Order of May 2017, which mandated protection of religious liberty across federal agencies, including the Department of Defense.

Right now, America’s military commanders need clear guidance and direction in order to be in sync with the U.S. Constitution and federal law, both of which protect religious freedom for our service members.

In fact, assaults on the religious liberties of men and women in uniform are increasing at an alarming rate, and violations of their rights are getting worse each time:

  • Navy Chaplain Wes Modder, a veteran of the Gulf War, and former chaplain for Navy SEAL Team Six, nearly had his 20-year military career destroyed when he answered questions about his church’s teachings on marriage.
  • Army Chaplain Major Scott Squires was threatened with court-martial because his endorsing church’s tenets prohibited him from performing a marriage enrichment event for a same-sex couple.
  • Air Force Colonel Leland Bohannon was relieved of his command and nearly had his military career destroyed. Why? Because his religious beliefs prevented him from signing an optional document related to same-sex marriage, even though a 2-star general signed in his place.

First Liberty Institute continues to represent these and other brave service members whose constitutional rights have been violated – and who have been the targets of anti-religious hostility growing inside the military.

Currently, the military has been left to its own devices when it comes to religious liberty, which has led to disastrous results.

I stand with First Liberty Institute and respectfully request that you immediately issue a new executive order specifically tailored to address religious liberty in the military – and put a stop to religious freedom attacks against our troops. Thank you for your commitment to religious freedom for our military.

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