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Sign your name today to say NO to cancel culture and join Fire Chief Ron Hittle in the fight for faith

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What would you do if you were fired for living out your faith?

More and more, we are seeing this happen to religious employees in workplaces across the country – even to public servants like Fire Chief Ron Hittle.

Ron Hittle served his community as a firefighter for 24 years in Stockton, California. When he became Fire Chief in 2006, he worked hard to improve the department and lead his staff effectively.

Asked by the Deputy City Manager to attend leadership training, Chief Hittle decided to attend, at no cost to the city, a church-hosted leadership summit.

This renowned conference featured speakers from various worldviews and was attended by people from all walks of life.

Told that his attendance of a Christian-affiliated leadership summit was unacceptable, Hittle was threatened, mocked, investigated and eventually FIRED.

It’s not every day that an employer makes clear that its top reasons for firing an employee were because of their religious faith and activities – but that’s exactly what the City of Stockton did.

No one should have to hide their faith at work.

Together, we can defend Chief Ron Hittle’s rights and the rights of all Americans who are “canceled” for their beliefs in the workplace.

Will you join us on the frontlines to protect religious freedom of employees across the country?

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