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Canceled for encouraging others to live with integrity?

That’s exactly what happened to Jace Yarbrough, a U.S. Space Force Reservist.

When Jace was invited to speak at a friend’s military retirement ceremony in 2021, he accepted and attended the small, private event as a private citizen.

And he even attended on his own dime.

As authorized by military regulations, Jace presided over the ceremony in uniform and in his purely civilian capacity. In his speech, he gave a stern warning about “cancel culture” in the military and encouraged all of those in attendance to live in truth and to live with integrity.

Ironically, Jace was canceled for these words.

Upon receiving a complaint from a Navy service member who was part of the ceremony’s musical quartet, the Air Force placed a “Letter of Admonishment” into his service record. That punishment has not only tarnished his record but is destroying his military career.

That’s both wrong and illegal.

No off-duty reservist speaking as a civilian should be stripped of their First Amendment freedoms.

That’s why we’re fighting to defend Jace and defeat the cancel culture running rampant in our military.

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