When You Give to First Liberty, You Can Build a Legacy for Religious Liberty in America

You may have worked for many years, or built a business, or inherited wealth. You’ve been a good steward of your blessings, and perhaps built a consequential financial legacy for your family. Most likely you have also worked to help your heirs live out their values. But that’s not where your story ends.

Sadly, in America today, whether your family can continue to practice their faith is becoming an open question, and one you may not want to leave to chance.

For many, the practice of leaving a religious legacy in concert with their financial plan has become a critical life experience, and a way to protect their heirs’ constitutional right to freely exercise their faith. Many also feel strongly about the Scriptural components of financial life emphasized in 1 Timothy 6:7 below:

“For we brought nothing into the world, and we can take nothing out of it.”

By supporting First Liberty’s long-term efforts to protect religious freedom, you have an opportunity now to integrate your desire for religious liberty and your faith with your financial blessings, philanthropic intent, and estate structure.

With proper thought, such planning can simultaneously provide tax benefits, generate income, protect assets, and help secure your family’s ability to exercise their faith freely in America.

Building a Legacy of Religious Liberty

If you have a solid base of assets, then you probably have, or are considering, an estate plan—at least a simple will. For many families confiscatory estate taxes require proper planning for the optimal intergenerational transfer of these assets, and for those with substantial personal balance sheets, sophisticated trust and estate planning has become an essential part of life.

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For more information about how you can enjoy the special tax benefits of the CARES Act and utilize other planning vehicles to create a legacy giving program to FLI, contact your tax advisor or feel free to contact Trey Dimsdale, an FLI attorney who manages our legacy giving initiative.

Email: tdimsdale@firstliberty.org

* First Liberty does not provide estate planning or tax advice, and assumes no responsibility for the suitability to your situation of tax planning techniques referenced here. To reach your philanthropic goals, you should seek advice from estate planning professionals concerning your individual situation.

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