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Community | First Liberty
Elderly, Blind Woman Barred from Sharing Her Christian Faith in Public Park
Last week, First Liberty took action for Gail Blair, a blind woman who was banned from entering a park for the “crime” of sharing her Christian faith.
House of worship | First Liberty
Second Wave? Our Winning Record Shows Why First Liberty is Americans’ “First Call”
Now, as America faces a potential second wave, along with new attacks, learn why First Liberty will continue the national fight for our First Freedom.
Military | First Liberty
Senator Cruz Urges Secretary of Defense To Protect Religious Liberty of Military Service Members
U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is protecting religious liberty for our military service members over an ongoing battle that is part of the “old normal” too.
Community | First Liberty
Religious Hostility Comes with A Hefty Price Tag
The COVID-19 pandemic has come at a great economic cost. But despite facing financial pressure, America’s religious communities have shown tremendous character and continued to serve as their faith teaches. This crisis has revealed that we must protect religious liberty, or we’ll end up paying the cost in much more than constitutional currency. Unless we ensure religious liberty is essential, our country will have to pay a crippling price in real dollars.
Community | First Liberty
The Bill of Rights is Not Dead Yet
We hold dear our freedoms and America has been overrun with politicians who desire to strip us of that core, starting with religious freedom.
Community | First Liberty
Give a Gift to Honor a Friend, Colleague or Loved One
First Liberty is grateful for the recent $5,000 gift In Memoriam from the estate of Mary Lou Brown of California. Gifts like the one made by the estate of Mary Lou Brown are a special way to honor the memory of a departed loved one, friend or colleague.
First Liberty | Meet Kelly Shackelford

Kelly Shackelford: 30 Years of Leading the Fight

“Everybody’s free to go do great things.”
If you’re around First Liberty for long, you’ll hear these words from Kelly Shackelford more than a few times. But to Kelly, this isn’t just an empty mantra. It’s the culmination of a lifelong mission, and a goal that still drives him forward to this day: the freedom to live out your faith.

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