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Melissa Klein | First Liberty

Good News: We Just Took the Next Major Step in Delivering #SweetJustice for Melissa Klein


Last June, the U.S. Supreme Court stepped in and sent a clear message to Oregon officials: award-winning cake artist Melissa Klein deserves the same protection from religious discrimination that was afforded to Masterpiece Cakeshop’s Jack Phillips in his Supreme Court victory. On Thursday, January 9th, First Liberty attorneys presented oral arguments as the key next step in determining whether Oregon government officials should be in the business of deciding whose faith is—or is not—acceptable.



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Military | First Liberty
New US Air Force Policy Boosts Religious Freedom for Service Members of All Faiths
Recently, the U.S. Air Force took the commendable step of formally allowing airmen to seek waivers that would accommodate their religious dress and personal grooming requirements. Learn why this is another important victory for religious liberty within our military.
Community | First Liberty
State Department’s New International Alliance Will Help Safeguard Religious Liberty Worldwide—and Here at Home
U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced the formation of an International Religious Freedom Alliance, gathering more than two dozen nations who will pursue religious tolerance and seek to end religious persecution globally. By championing religious freedom worldwide, we’re also protecting the First Freedom of all Americans right here at home.
Judicial | First Liberty
Right Now, President Trump’s Judicial Appointees Are Causing 3 Dramatic Shifts in the Federal Courts
In this special feature, our team of experts take a look forward to what the overall makeup of the judiciary could be if the U.S. Senate moves to fill all remaining federal vacancies. Learn how the record pace of confirmations is leading to 3 major transformations of the federal judiciary that will have an impact for an entire generation.
Military | First Liberty
Navy Chaplain Accused of Violating Constitution for Encouraging Personnel to ‘Lead Like Jesus’
The hostile Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) is going after Navy Cmdr. Richard Smothers for promoting a seminar based on his faith. Their most recent attack isn’t just outrageous, it also doesn’t have any solid legal basis. It’s time to stop these outrageous attacks and let chaplains be chaplains.
Community | First Liberty
Which Fortune 100 Companies Rank Highest for Religious Diversity and Inclusion?
The Religious Freedom and Business Foundation recently released its Corporate Religious Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (REDI) Index. This special feature gives you a brief overview of how the top 10 Fortune 100 companies ranked, and what the results reveal about the state of religious liberty in the workplace.
First Liberty | Meet Kelly Shackelford

Kelly Shackelford: 30 Years of Leading the Fight

“Everybody’s free to go do great things.”
If you’re around First Liberty for long, you’ll hear these words from Kelly Shackelford more than a few times. But to Kelly, this isn’t just an empty mantra. It’s the culmination of a lifelong mission, and a goal that still drives him forward to this day: the freedom to live out your faith.

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