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There’s been an alarming resurgence in attacks against houses of worship and pastors.
Local bureaucrats want churches to conform to their beliefs rather than live by their own. Because of this, pastors across the country are being attacked for their faith such as:

  • Pastor Chris, who is being criminally charged for providing a safe place for the town’s most vulnerable to go 24/7.
  • Pastor Jose, who is being pressured to end his food ministry that has been feeding the hungry for 25 years.
  • Pastor Howard, who is being prevented from hosting religious gatherings on his own property.
  • Pastor Mike, who is being canceled for providing temporary, emergency shelter for helpless and suddenly homeless people.

These threats are very real and very dangerous – not to mention illegal and unconstitutional. It may only be a matter of time before we face them ourselves.

That’s why we need faithful Americans like you to come alongside Pastor Chris, Pastor Jose, Pastor Howard and Pastor Mike so that they can continue to minister to and serve their communities.

Together, we can defend these brave pastors and fight to protect the freedoms of pastors and people of faith across the country.

Will you join us on the frontlines to defend these pastors in the fight for faith?

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