WATCH: Kelly Shackelford “Unpacks” Why Court Packing Would be Devastating to Your Freedom

In this unprecedented year of challenges for religious freedom, First Liberty Live! took our show on the road—our first ever road trip—to bring you expert insight and commentary direct from the frontlines of the fight in California.

And just this week, the First Freedom Tour continued on to Nashville, TN, just in time for the final presidential debate. We shot some behind-the-scenes footage (where the video clip above was captured), spoke to a packed room of young conservatives and inspired the next generation of freedom fighters, and met with other leading figures on the religious liberty battlefront.

This is just a small sample of what you can expect on First Liberty Live!, and it’s all thanks to YOUR FINANCIAL SUPPORT that we’re able to keep bringing you these stories straight from the frontlines.

Thanks to your donations, First Liberty’s team of experts can continue hosting exclusive conversations with America’s top leaders on faith and freedom, as well as providing timely analysis on the latest threats to your religious liberty, COVID-19 pandemic mandates, and the ongoing constitutional crisis.

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